Track your back pain

Wouldn’t it be nice to track the things that are either helping or hurting your back and neck on a daily basis? To have a tool you could access that would allow you to track the exercises or daily activities that are affecting your pain? Then, the next time you’re at the doctor, you won’t have to remember when and what hurt your back and neck, you’ll have it all in one, convenient place.

Take control of your health with Back Tracker, a tool that serves as your resource to manage, and ultimately avoid back and neck pain.

With an intuitive pain scale, you can easily track how you are feeling each day. Use the activity tracker to track what you did that day, such as walking or golfing, while also tracking what you did to ease your pain, like doing exercises or taking Tylenol. Activity tracking helps you understand what eases or causes your pain. Sound like too much work? No worries – you can easily select from recent activities to making tracking easier.

View your pain history in a calendar-view. If you decide to see a physician for further consultation, you can easily share your detailed pain diary – from when the worst pain was experienced to what worked best to alleviate the pain.

You will also receive back and neck health tips within the tool and receive emails as part of The BackCoach program with reminders to prompt you to stretch, exercise, log pain, and more.

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